• Cloud Monitoring
    with SimplyMonitor
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    Agentless Cloud based monitoring which manages IT infrastructure.
    Delivers data for Performance, utilization and availability.
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  • Security and Privacy
    with SimplyMonitor
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    SimplyMonitor is Cloud based solution that does not require user to install any software
    in their local machine.No login or password for user servers required.
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  • Easy like 1-2-3
    with SimplyMonitor
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    Configure your data GUI on our cloud based infrastructure and RELAX..:)
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SimplyMonitor Monitor

SimplyMonitor is a agent-less cloud based monitoring tool that can be used to monitor servers, application and ports of any type of server located anywhere in the world. It is a simple elegant solution for a complicated IT environment. Current we are supporting Linux, Windows, Solaris and any other open source operation system. The application supported are web and application tier for the IT environment.

5 Steps to use SimplyMonitor

  • Login to our portal: www.dimatas.com.
  • Create your user ID or login using Facebook, Google existing account.
  • Add user website URL or IP address and the services you want to monitor.
  • Wait for couple of minutes for confirmation email from portal.
  • Start getting alerts for your website have fun.

Quick start guide

Cooming Soon.


SimplyMonitor is a IT System and networking monitoring tool that helps user( individual or enterprise) to manage availability, Performance and utilization of the infrastructure. It is a simple cloud based solution that enables user to add quick info about their environment and get all the monitoring done very easily

  • SimplyMonitor is a Cloud monitoring product from Dimatas. This product allows user to seamlessly monitor their operating system like windows, Linux,Solaris, OpenBSD.
  • It allows users to monitor application stack for webservers, Application servers.
  • Some of the keys feature of the product is providing users with streamlined data about their systems
    • Availability
    • Performance
    • Utilization
    • We have designed our monitoring stack using the world’s best open source monitoring tool called Nagios.
    • We have designed our infrastructure using open source LAMP stack with tight integration of lots of open source API.
    • We have further enormous energy for tight and seamless functioning of all these technologies for ease of use.
  • Simplymonitor is cloud based solution that DOES NOT REQUIRE USER TO INSTALL ANY SOFTWARE. All software configurations are done on our side which is a simple GUI based frontend.
  • The use of SimplyMonitor is simple and easy
    • Step1: Create your login or user Facebook or Google Login
    • Step2: Add your host: you can use either website name or server IP address
    • Step3: Click on services that you want to monitor for that host
    • Step4: Click complete
    • Step5: Nothing to do. You servers are getting monitored by World class software and infrastructure.