FINRA Small Firm Cybersecurity Compliance

FINRA has created Cyber security guidelines for small firm- Firm who employee 150 or less registered representative.

The guideline are based on NIST cybersecurity framework

What is the requirement of FINRA for cybersecurity checklist?

  • Identify and access Cybersecurity.
  • Protect IT assets.
  • Detect any system compromise.
  • Response to any compromise.
  • Implement recovery.
  • What Dimatas Technologies can do for you?

    Dimatas has built a comprehensive Cloud based security solution that will help FINRA small business to achieve comprehensive compliance for cybersecurity

  • Dynamic cloud based Cybersecurity solution.
  • Security and compliance Gap Analysis
  • Cloud based solution for in-depth Analysis of
  • Scans using multiple options.
    • Vulnerability assessment
    • Penetration Test data
    • Monitoring
    • Performance
  • IBM Cloud based AI tool for analysis and reporting
  • Information We need to create free estimate:
    • Location of company
    • Employee
    • Device Count
    • Website address
    • Contact info