CyberSecurity Components

What Dimatas can do for your Web Security and management of online business?

Dimatas offers a comprehensive Cloud based monitoring and security solution for SMB and individual customers. We offer a solution that give our end users a easy to use cloud based solution that continuously monitor and reports on website accessibility and security. All what we need is a IP based internet accessible device sitting anywhere in the world.

We also offer subscription based service for our SMB customer who want to get comprehensive analytical report.

Our Products

  • SimplyMonitor is cloud based IT infrastructure monitoring tool that helps you to manage availability, performance and utilization of your web-based infrastructure.
  • Simply Port Scanner is a IP/website tool based on opensource nmap scanning software. It can be used for scanning both large corporate networks comprised of hundreds of computers or small home networks with only a few computers - the number of computers and subnets is unlimited. It can also scan a website or fully qualified URL.
  • Simply Vulnerability caller is designed to assess computers, computer systems, networks or applications for weaknesses. Scans can be run either as part of vulnerability management by those tasked with protecting systems - or by black hat attackers looking to gain unauthorized access. Simply Vulnerability Scanner is a cloud based scanner designed on OpenVAS open source software. It receives the same level of updates feeds of Network Vulnerability as OpenVAS.
  • Simply Webpage Performance test is cloud based solution that simulates user website performance based on test results from multiple global locations.

Dimatas Technologies Advantages

Free Basic Services
Small businesses and consumers can use our Basic Services at no charge, receiving free monitoring, security and assessment features.
Inexpensive Advanced Services
For a small monthly fee, users can access additional features to facilitate network operation and management.
Accurate Results
An advanced open stack based design generates accurate and predictable monitoring results.
Easy to Use
Designed for non-technical users, setting up the system is as simple as entering the URLs to me monitored. An advanced GUI provides a simple interface with which to monitor the system’s performance and results.
Fully Automated Operation
Once the target URLs have been specified, monitoring begins immediately. Alerts are automatically generated and sent as soon as problems are detected.
Simple Management Reports
Detailed reports provide information to support network operation and monitoring.