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Cybersecurity compliance product for FINRA small business


New York City, NY: Dimatas Technologies LLC has created a comprehensive cybersecurity product tailored for small business in financial sectors. We have created a unique combination of cloud based SaaS solution with IBM Watson® AI based risk assessment for cybersecurity.


Dimatas SaaS solution gives customer a unique view of their website from outsider/hacker’s point of view. The technology is based on latest opensource guideline. It gives website data for:

·       Penn Test

·       Vulnerability scan

·       Performance report

·       Website Availability for end users


Further Dimatas has come up with a comprehensive 360 view of the customer IT environment which are based on National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) guideline.  Some of the key areas we discover, analyze and report data of customers are:

·       Identify and Assess

·       Protect

·       Detect

·       Response/Recovery


The data gathering is done either by using online or on-site customer workshops. Once data is properly masked and tailored, Dimatas is able to run the data through IBM Watson AI engine and come up with guideline for improving cybersecurity for FINRA customers.

Further AI helps understand customer the Return of Investment (RIO) for any new updates and improvement that can be done to upgrade, change the company’s cybersecurity. 


Dimatas Technologies is a FINRA approved Cybersecurity vendor for small business. We take pride in providing great value to our customer using most advanced technologies.


Dimatas Technologies® is a US based cybersecurity company which is focused on small business. We have developed a unique model of combining SaaS with Artificial intelligence.  Our technology value integration helps small business quickly find the key areas that needs their attention without spending lots of resources and budget.